Christian Education Auxiliary

Elder Gerald Daniels Pic

Director: Elder Gerald Daniels
Phone: 585-321-3244

Assistant Director: Elder Tony Ratcliff
Secretary: Sister Tonya Daniels
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Sister Krystal Tull


Church Development Auxiliary

Evangelist Marie Crandell Pic 1Director: Elder Marie Crandell

Assistant Director:
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: 


Evangelism and Outreach Auxiliary

Sister Rosa Lloyd Pic

Director: Sister Cheryl Poole

Assistant Director: Sister Tracy Quinn
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Sister Yalonda Hull


Global Missions Auxiliary

Director: Pastor V. Marilyn Mathis

Assistant Director: Pastor Shirley Reeves
Secretary: Sister Sharon Belle-Render
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Sister Darlene Smith


Youth Department Auxiliary

Minister Markese ThomasDirector: Minister Veronica Gibson

Assistant Director: Minister Jacquelyn Williams
Board member: Lady Nikita Tinsley
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